We are a boutique investment advisory firm.  We help you, whether as an individual, a foundation and or as part of a company, invest your assets.  Our approach is simple.  We study your commitments and invest according to them.  We look at when you need funds, what kind of tax impact there might be and, when there is an emergency, what options are available.  We do not subject you to the periodic fads which overtake the marketplace.  We recommend long-term effectiveness rather than short-term speculation.  Our mission and primary motivation is to help you match your assets with your commitments in a comfortable, low-risk way so that you can live better. 
Our compensation structure is fee-based, in order to minimize misalignment between you and us.  Further, our compensation does not include the widely used "profit participations" as we believe that these structures are excessively expensive.  We believe that a "flat percentage of assets under management" fee is understandable, can be structured fairly and is likely to be mutually agreeable over the long run if the job is well done.  To further protect against misalignment, we commit our own personal assets to the same portfolio stocks which we purchase for you.  We believe that a good investment is a good investment, regardless of age, income or net worth.

We provide this website in order to deepen your understanding of our investment process. By providing planning interactive tools, recent research on companies purchased and specific commentary, we hope to provide you the investment confidence so critical in reducing emotional reactivity.  You are an important partner in delivering superior results.

Let's start your plan.